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Have you recently enjoyed a delicious meal at Church’s Chicken? If so, they’d love to hear your feedback about your experience! Church’s Chicken conducts a customer satisfaction survey on their website,, and as a thank you for your time, they offer a free coupon for your next visit.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll walk you through the easy steps involved in taking the survey and redeeming your free coupon. We’ll also cover some key details about the survey, such as what information you’ll need and what kind of reward you can expect. So, if you’re interested in sharing your thoughts and getting rewarded for it, keep reading!

Overview of the Church’s Chicken Feedback Survey

Church’s Chicken is a renowned fast-food chain known for its delicious fried chicken and Southern-inspired menu offerings. With numerous locations across the United States and beyond, Church’s Chicken has built a loyal customer base over the years.

Like any other business, Church’s Chicken values the opinions of its customers. Feedback plays a crucial role in helping the company understand what customers appreciate and where improvements are needed.

The Church’s Chicken Feedback Survey is designed to gather insights from customers about their dining experiences. By participating in the survey, customers can share their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns directly with the company.

Why Take the Church’s Chicken Survey?

Your feedback is valuable to Church’s Chicken, as it allows them to understand what their customers like and dislike. By participating in the survey, you’ll be helping them:

  • Enhance their food quality and service: Your honest feedback on the taste, freshness, and overall dining experience paves the way for better offerings.
  • Improve customer service: Share your thoughts on staff friendliness, restaurant cleanliness, and order accuracy, aiding in creating a more enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Develop new products and promotions: Your insights help Church’s Chicken understand your preferences, potentially leading to exciting new menu items and deals.

Benefits of Participating in Church’s Chicken Survey

Free Coupon Offer

As a token of appreciation for participating in the survey, Church’s Chicken offers a free coupon that you can redeem during your next visit. The coupon may entitle you to discounts, free menu items, or other special offers.

Opportunity to Provide Feedback

The survey provides customers with a platform to voice their opinions directly to Church’s Chicken. Whether you had a positive or negative experience, your feedback can help the company make improvements and better serve its customers.

Improving Customer Experience

By collecting feedback from customers, Church’s Chicken can identify areas where it excels and areas where there is room for improvement. This continuous feedback loop enables the company to enhance the overall dining experience for its customers.

Requirement to Participate in Church’s Chicken Survey

To participate in the Church’s Chicken survey and receive a free coupon, here are the key requirements:

  • Recent Purchase: You must have a recent purchase receipt from Church’s Chicken. The survey is typically limited to one survey per receipt, so keep that in mind if you visit frequently.
  • Age: You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  • Location: The Church’s Chicken survey is currently only available for residents of the United States.
  • Online Access: You’ll need a device with a stable internet connection to access the survey website,
  • Unique Participation: You can only take the survey once within 30 days.

Remember, employees of Church’s Chicken and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the survey. Make sure you meet these basic requirements before heading to the survey website.

How to take the Church’s Chicken Survey

Share your experience and get a free coupon for your next Church’s Chicken meal by taking the official survey at

  1. Gather your receipt: You’ll need information from your recent Church’s Chicken purchase, including the date, time, and restaurant number.
  2. Visit the survey website: Head over to
  3. Select your language: Choose your preferred language for the survey.
  4. Enter your receipt details: Carefully input the information requested from your receipt.
  5. Answer the survey questions: Honestly answer the questions about your recent Church’s Chicken experience, covering food quality, service, cleanliness, and overall satisfaction.
  6. Provide your contact information: Enter your valid email address to receive the coupon code.
  7. Submit the survey: Once you’ve reviewed your answers, click “Submit” to finalize the survey.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Church’s Chicken Guest Satisfaction Survey. Your free coupon code will be sent to your provided email address shortly.

Additional Tips

  • Be honest and specific: Your detailed feedback is more valuable than generic responses. Share your genuine thoughts and suggestions for improvement.
  • Complete the survey promptly: The sooner you complete it, the fresher your experience will be in mind, leading to more accurate feedback.
  • Keep your coupon code handy: Remember to check your email for the coupon code and redeem it on your next visit to Church’s Chicken.

What you can expect on the survey

The survey asks about various aspects of your visit, including:

  • Food quality and taste
  • Restaurant cleanliness and atmosphere
  • Service speed and friendliness
  • Overall satisfaction

How to Redeem Your Free Coupon

Once you complete the survey, you’ll receive a unique coupon code via email. Bring this code to your next visit and redeem it for your free menu item, as per the current offer at your chosen location.


What kind of free coupon will I receive?

The specific coupon offer may vary depending on the restaurant location and current promotions. However, it typically consists of a free piece of chicken, a side, or a discount on your next purchase.

How long is the coupon valid?

Coupon validity periods can change, so be sure to check the expiration date mentioned in your email. It’s usually within a few weeks of issuance.

Can I take the survey more than once?

No, you can only participate in the survey once per visit with a valid receipt.

What if I don’t have my receipt?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access the survey without the required information from your receipt.

Who is eligible to take the survey?

Anyone who has recently dined at Church’s Chicken and has a valid receipt.

What happens if I don’t receive my coupon code?

Check your spam folder or contact Church’s Chicken customer service for assistance.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

The survey typically takes a few minutes to complete, depending on the number of questions and your response speed.

Are there any age restrictions for participation?

Participants must be of legal age to provide feedback and redeem coupons.


The Church’s Chicken Survey offers customers an excellent opportunity to share their feedback and receive a free coupon as a token of appreciation. By participating in the survey, you not only enjoy rewards but also contribute to improving the overall dining experience for yourself and fellow customers.

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