DOLLAR GENERAL SURVEY COMPLETION GUIDE AT WWW.DOLLARGENERALSURVEY.COM. Did you recently shop at Dollar General?  Did you find great deals and friendly service?  Or perhaps there’s room for improvement?  Dollar General values your feedback and offers a chance to share your experience through a quick and easy online survey.  This guide will walk you through the process of completing the Dollar General survey at


Why Take the Dollar General Survey?

Your feedback is important to Dollar General!  By completing the survey, you’ll help them improve their stores, products, and customer service.   In return for your valuable time, you may be eligible to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win exciting prizes!

How to Complete the Dollar General Survey

  1. Visit the Survey Website:  Head over to on your web browser.
  2. Start the Survey:  Click the “Begin Survey” button to get started.
  3. Enter Receipt Information:  You’ll need to enter the store number, register number, and transaction number from your recent Dollar General receipt.  This information is typically located at the bottom of your receipt.
  4. Share Your Experience:  The survey will ask you a series of questions about your recent shopping trip at Dollar General.  Be honest and answer truthfully to provide valuable feedback.
  5. Submit the Survey:  Once you’ve answered all the questions, click the “Submit” button to complete the survey.

Completing the Dollar General Survey

The Dollar General survey is typically quick and easy to complete. It will ask you questions about your recent shopping experience, such as:

  • Cashier courtesy and helpfulness
  • Cleanliness and organization of the store
  • Selection of products available
  • Overall satisfaction with your shopping trip

The survey uses a multiple-choice format, with some questions offering the option to elaborate on your responses with brief written feedback.

Tips for Completing the Survey

  • Keep Your Receipt Handy: You’ll need the information on your receipt to begin the survey.
  • Be Honest and Respectful: Your feedback is valuable, so share your true experience while remaining courteous.
  • Take Your Time: The survey shouldn’t take long to complete, but read the questions carefully and answer thoughtfully.

Dollar General Survey FAQs

Where can I take the Dollar General survey?

The Dollar General survey is available online at

Do I need a receipt to complete the survey?

Yes, you’ll need information from your recent Dollar General receipt to start the survey.

How long does the survey take to complete?

The survey is relatively short and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

Is there a deadline to take the survey?

The timeframe to complete the survey may vary, but the expiration date is typically printed on your receipt.

What if I don’t have a receipt or can’t find it?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to complete the survey without the information from your receipt.

Will I be entered into a sweepstakes for completing the survey?

Participation in a sweepstakes may be offered upon survey completion, but this is subject to change. Check the survey for details.

Do I need to purchase to take the survey?

Yes, you will need a recent receipt from a Dollar General store to access the survey. The receipt contains the store number and transaction number required to begin the survey.

What can I win by completing the survey?

The specific rewards offered for completing the survey may vary. However, you will be entered for a chance to win a prize upon survey completion.

Is my information secure when taking the survey?

Dollar General states that they take customer privacy seriously and use industry-standard security measures to protect your information.

How long is the survey available?

The timeframe to complete the Dollar General survey is usually printed on your receipt. Generally, you have a few days to a week after your purchase to access the survey.

By completing the Dollar General survey, you’ll be helping them improve their stores while potentially winning exciting prizes!  So next time you shop at Dollar General, don’t forget to take a few minutes to share your experience.


Taking a few minutes to complete the Dollar General survey, you’re not only influencing the future of the store but also entering yourself for a chance to win exciting prizes. With this comprehensive guide and a few helpful tips, you can confidently conquer the survey and maximize your positive impact.  Now, go forth, complete the survey, and keep scoring those amazing deals.

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