Do you have a sweet tooth and a hankering for nostalgia? Then look no further than the “Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes”! This delightful contest is your chance to win a taste of homemade goodness. Whether you crave classic cookies, delectable pies, or whimsical candies, Grandma’s Got Treats has something to satisfy every craving. But here’s the best part: entering the sweepstakes could make you the lucky winner of a treasure trove of these delectable treats! Keep reading to find out how you can enter for your chance to win a scrumptious prize from Grandma’s Got Treats.

What is Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes?

Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes is a delightful promotion by the beloved Grandma’s Got Treats brand, offering lucky participants the chance to win a treasure trove of their scrumptious goodies.  This is your opportunity to stock your pantry (and maybe your neighbor’s) with enough cookies, candies, and other delectable treats to last a lifetime (or at least a very long time).

The Sweepstakes Delights!

Now, onto the exciting part! Grandma’s Got Treats is giving away a treasure trove of goodies to lucky winners. The grand prize might include a year’s supply of their delectable treats (yes, a whole year of deliciousness!), a custom gift basket overflowing with their most popular products, and exclusive Grandma’s Got Treats merchandise. Other prizes could include gift certificates, limited-edition treats, and more!

How to Enter the Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes

Entering the Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes is easy and free! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Official Sweepstakes Website: Locate the official sweepstakes webpage.
  2. Find the Entry Form: Look for the official entry form on the sweepstakes webpage. This form will likely require you to provide some basic information such as your name, email address, and phone number.
  3. Complete the Entry Form: Carefully fill out the entry form with your accurate information. Double-check your entries to avoid any errors that might disqualify you.
  4. Submit Your Entry: Once you’ve completed the form, click the submit button to enter the sweepstakes.

Some sweepstakes allow for multiple entries. If this sweepstakes permits it, consider entering daily to increase your chances of winning!

Maximize Your Chances of Winning

While entering is simple, there are ways to sweeten your odds of winning:

  • Spread the Word: Share the sweepstakes with your friends and family on social media using the designated hashtag (#GrandmasGotTreatsSweepstakes). Not only will you increase awareness, but some sweepstakes offer bonus entries for social media shares.
  • Follow Grandma’s Got Treats on Social Media: Stay updated on the sweepstakes and any additional entry opportunities by following Grandma’s Got Treats on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They might announce bonus codes or hidden clues for extra entries!
  • Check Back Regularly: Some sweepstakes offer bonus entries for visiting the sweepstakes page daily or weekly. Keep an eye out for additional opportunities to boost your chances.

Rules and Regulations

Before entering, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the official sweepstakes rules and regulations. This information is usually located on the dedicated sweepstakes landing page. By understanding the eligibility criteria, deadlines, and prize details, you ensure a smooth and successful sweepstakes experience.

What Can You Win?

The grand prize for the Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes is a dream come true for any dessert aficionado. The winner will receive a Deluxe Treat Basket overflowing with an assortment of Grandma’s Got Treats’ most popular items, including:

  • A selection of their classic cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle)
  • A decadent assortment of handmade chocolates (milk chocolate caramels, dark chocolate sea salt truffles)
  • A jar of their famous homemade fudge
  • A variety of nostalgic candies to bring back childhood memories

Beyond the Sweepstakes

Whether you win or not, Grandma’s Got Treats offers a delightful selection of treats to tantalize your taste buds. Visit their website to explore their delectable offerings, discover their story, and indulge in a taste of nostalgic goodness.

Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes FAQs

When does the Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes end?

The end date for the sweepstakes might not be available yet. Be sure to check the official sweepstakes website for the specific deadline to enter.

What are the prizes for the Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes?

The specific prizes offered in the Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes might not be announced yet. The official sweepstakes website will disclose the prize details.

Who is eligible to enter the Grandma’s Got Treats Sweepstakes?

Eligibility requirements can vary depending on the sweepstakes.  The official rules will outline any age restrictions, residency limitations, or other eligibility criteria.

How will the winners be notified?

Winners are typically notified by email or phone call according to the official sweepstakes rules.

How will the winners be selected?

Winners are usually chosen randomly from all eligible entries received during the sweepstakes period.

Where can I find the official sweepstakes rules?

The official rules are typically available on the sweepstakes entry page or the company’s website. Look for a link that says “Official Rules” or “Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions.”


This is your chance to win a treasure trove of delicious treats from Grandma’s Got Treats. With its easy entry process and enticing prize, this sweepstakes is a sweet opportunity you won’t want to miss! So, head over to the official landing page, submit your entry, and get ready to indulge in a taste of nostalgia!

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